Monday, 22 January 2007

Stop my shaking hands.

Truth hurts.

Plain and simple. We all know this.

But do we know how much our lies hurt others? In all reality lies can hurt more than the truth. Even if it is yourself you are lying to, it can not only hurt all those who you love and trust, but also the ones who love and trust you.

Secrets. You cannot keep them forever.

God knows all our secrets, yet we still try to hide them. In all truth isn't his opinion the one that maters the most?

To most people this is a yes. Never the less we try to hide all of them. Some days I just want to spill out all my secrets, my deepest stuff that only God knows. Yet I find it so hard. Why? Is it because I am afraid of what others think? Or is it because I just do not know about how to go about it? I think that it is a litte of both. I never really had close friends, not that it really mattered since I have Jesus, even though I lost him for a little while, and now I just seem to have an abundance of friends. I am so blessed to have all these people in my life, even though I might take them for granted... Even if I don't intend to.

Piece of advice for everyone...

  • Never be afraid to hug someone... You never know what a hug could say/do for/to them and yourself.
  • Always that everyone needs a friend... Even if they tell you to "go away" because sometimes that is when they need you most.
  • Jesus plays an inportant role in many peoples lives, but never forget that your relatoinship with Him is personal. Talk to him, pray, enjoy his presence.
  • And most of all Never be afraid to tell someone how you feel! Sometimes they feel the same way. And I am no just talking about relationships with the opposite sex; Tell your friends , family, peers how you are feeling when they frustrate you or cause you joy. You could just find some stuff out about them that you never knew. (Although I must admit I have trouble with this one)