Monday, 6 August 2007

A Beautiful Song

This is a song that Tasha wrote for me. It’s beautiful.
’Nuff said. Here it is.

:: in song with bad guitar accompaniment ::

Oh Sarah, you came and you joined our YG,
I remember calling you butterfly bum girl for the first
three weeks!
Your hair was always different so I couldn’t remember your

Oh, the Idema's bring friends all the time, and most never stay.
I remember being impressed that you kept coming.
So I decided to learn your name.

Oh Sarah,

Now, I know you!!
And I like you!
And I looooooooove youuuuuu!

Oh, Sarah!

I hear you’ve moved away, but I moved first.
So sad as I’m sure you are, I can’t tell the difference
Between Edmonton and Fort Mac at this long distance!
So sister, take heart!
We are never truly apaaaaaart!!


:: lame guitar ending ::

-Natasha Mills, at 10:58pm on August 3rd, 2007