Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Stars no longer shine

She's so numb
To eveyone, and eveything around her
Constenly playing her guitar
With that unknown melody
She tries to forget everyone, everything
But no matter what,
It always stays with her
They never know
Shes come undone
Worried about everyone
About the tomorrow that may never come,
To her and her family
About the loneliness her friends feel
About the lonelieness she feels
To sleep forever would be perpetual bliss
But it will never come
For that is her only wish
To be close to God
forever in his arms
Silence surrounds in a way that cannot be described
Comforted by presence she feels
Jesus come to take her home
He knows she come undone
And only He knows how to make her whole
Sweet surrender
Make her whole
Shes come undone
All for you
The loneliness comes to fast
And embraces her, suffocates her
But keeps her sane
Victory just out of reach
For the last time
Shes come undone

Saturday, 24 February 2007

The Significance in Ignorance

It is amazing how your life can change in a moment.
With a simple word, an action, another life.

But when will WE realize that we are not living up to our potential, and that we could change a life?
When AIDS kills millions more, or seems like the answer to a hard life.
When war affects YOU and is not just something that happens in another country.
When YOU realize that GOD sent HIS SON to DIE for us.

Take a stand. Show people what is out there.
Show them there IS a better way, that WAR and DEATH are NOT the only answers.
That LOVE, PEACE, and KINDNESS, solve many more things!

I don't mean to come across as naive or hopeful but I believe that WE CAN make a DIFFERENCE if WE TRY.

So I am asking; Who wants to take a stand, and help people, make things right, and LIVE FOR GOD.
I know I do.

Don't turn your back when you see something that scares you.
Don't stay silent when you have something to stay.
If you are not going to LIVE your LIFE for YOU, LIVE it for JESUS.


So, I am asking.
Will YOU take a stand?

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I don't wanna wait.....

Just push me away,
Cast me aside
As if I was never here
I can make it alone
I Swear.

I will be strong,
I will be smart,
I will be in a place
Where I never belonged

Don't take me away,
Just leave me alone,
I have all that I need,
Trust me....
All I need is Jesus

I'm tired of living this lie,
Of happiness, joy and smiles,
I want to cry,
Just run away.
Can't you see?

I'll make it all alone if I gotta...

So cast me aside,
I've never belonged
It's not like I've made an impact
Forget me like I was never here.

Trust me.... you're better off that way.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Such and such...

Yes..... I really needed to post something new in here, on a happier note. So yush....
Today was pretty good so far.
Tobogganing with everyone.. well Millses, Idemas and others... Yey!!!
Then later we are going to focus!! So that will be pretty sweet... Only my side hurts.. I have a major case of SNOW BURN!!! Ahhhh.. It kinda really hurts... yush.... So I have to be careful with that....... lol
Blah... Beth and I might add the words to the song we are working on later today... before focus probably.. lol yes.. Indeed... She is the lyrical mastermind in our band, I just... well ummm... I just kinda get the melody... ohhhh......
(Beth: Which is important too or we wouldn't have the music..... just the words XD)
Oh Shush up you!!! You got the melody to that one song that everyone hears.. and Tynan's song too!
(Beth: That's only *counts on fingers* three songs really..... *cough*)

Wait thats only 2.... Do you not know how to count???!!!??
(Beth: Um.... well the one from the other day that Mel & I were testing out that sounded pretty good..... yeaaaahhh)
Oh yea!!! that one sounded pretty rad!!!! So yeah!!!!

So yeah... ending this now before it get out of hand...
In the words of Bethany... TO THE BATMOBILE!!!!!

(Beth: Right..... Wonderwall is stuck in my head now..... along with the music of Bounce by Manafest... so it's like Wonderwall with the music from Bounce. Swwwweeet)

P.s... My pants are still wet from tobogganing..... :gonk:

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Gone.. Away?

I found out the other day that at the end of this school year my mom wants to move to a small town. Which means that I might be moving out of Edmonton.
I really do not want to move. If you would have asked me at the beginning of the year (School year) I probably would have said yes. but now I have so many reasons to stay ( not that I didn't before) I really am considering going to a Christian college and leading my youth group on top of all this other stuff I want to do and have planned. Such as the Band,
Am I being selfish? Wanting to stay in a place that makes my mom so unhappy? Just so I can be happy?
Something is wrong with me if..... I really do not want to move but in the end if it is what makes my mom happy what can I say? I am so confused...
I guess I have to put it in God's hands and leave it up to him. He will lead me to where I am supposed to be...


All I have ever wanted to do was run... just run away from everyone and everything.
But now, now there are reasons holding me here and I realize that the only thing I was running from was me. I am scared of myself and who I've been and who I will become. I have no clue of where I was going or anything like that. Thanks to God I got my life on track and now, I'm running in the right direction. I am slowly learning who I am and where I belong. And I realize that He has been pionting me in that direction for a while.
So thank you Everyone for keeping me where I belong.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

As Simple As Snow

You don't choose who you fall in love with; You just fall.

And sometimes you have to pick yourself up again. Even you want to stay broken forever, just so you do not get broken ever again.

Love is not what we become, but what we already are -Stephen Levine

All in all,
Love is as simple as snow

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Influences and Misdirection

Lately I've been thinking about personal images and what society defines as beautiful. We get sucked into thinking that we are A) better than everyone else because we are defined as "Beautiful" B)Meh.. so-so not "beautiful" but not "ugly" or C) "ugly". people hate or make fun of these people.

Now if go look in the mirror. what do YOU see? Chances are you feel off about yourself. I know I do sometimes. But GOD made us the way we are for a reason! No matter what other people think we have to stay strong. So so someone you are so-so But to someone else you might be the MOST beautiful or attractive person they know.

It probably doesn't help that you and your friends joke around about apperences, weight, height and all that stuff. One of my friends and I have this joke "Geez your so fat! (Pause) You must be like 110!" Then we laugh. But in all reality this is very harmful.

Do you see all of me
Do you see all I can be
Is all you can see, my face
Or do they go to my waist
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Chances are you have never seen the true me

Think about it.
About all the people you have judged and went away from because they looked different.
The media has standards that are wrong. If you want to see beauty ask God or look to Him.
You will see things differently.