Sunday, 22 June 2008

She doesn't understand me.
Can't seem to grasp my life,
And what I've been through.
I envy your sheltered little life.
I never lied to her.
Sometimes I didn't tell her things,
Because I was afraid of being shunned.
Oh the things I wished to tell you.
The things I've done.
Things that have happened to me.
They scared me.
I didn't think you could take it.
I want to understand her.
How she can blame me,
Like it's so one sided.
You always hurt me so.
I don't want to lose her.
She seems so willing to go.
What can I do?
You make me feel like the villain.
When would she realize that her friend was lost and scared.
That she needed her?
She probably wouldn't.
I'm so lost and far gone.
I'm stuck in my past.
She's stuck on my mistakes.
I try to make it up to her.
You keep turning away.
When will you realize?